IBAN-Naam check | Voorkom fraude en verkeerde overboekingen | Triodos Bank (2024)

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I'm an expert in banking and financial services, with a deep understanding of the concepts and procedures involved. My knowledge extends to the specific details mentioned in the article you provided about Triodos Betaalpas. Let me break down the key concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. IBAN-Naam Check: The IBAN-Naam check is not explicitly detailed in the provided text, but it is likely a reference to a process where the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is verified against the account holder's name to ensure accuracy in transactions. This is a common security measure in banking to prevent errors and fraud.

  2. Betaalpas Blokkeren/Deblokkeren: The article describes the process of blocking and unblocking the Triodos Betaalpas (debit card) using the Mobile Banking app. The card can be blocked if the wrong PIN is entered three times or if the card is blocked intentionally through the app.

  3. Contactloos Betalen and Mobiel Betalen: The article mentions that as of now, it's not possible to make contactless payments with a mobile device (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay) using the Triodos Betaalpas. The bank is working on introducing these services in the first and second halves of 2024, respectively.

  4. Credit Card and Online Payments: Triodos Bank does not offer a credit card. Instead, users can link a credit card from another provider to their Triodos account for online payments. The article explains the reasons behind Triodos Bank not offering its own credit card.

  5. PIN Code Retrieval: Users can retrieve their Triodos Betaalpas PIN code through the Mobile Banking app or by calling the bank. The PIN code is also sent by post to the user within 5 working days.

  6. International Usage of Betaalpas: The article lists the European countries where the Triodos Betaalpas can be used and provides information on using the card outside of Europe, including withdrawal limits and associated fees.

  7. iDEAL Payments and Transaction Limits: Users can make iDEAL payments with a maximum limit of €5,000 per day. The article advises users to adjust their limits if they wish to make higher transactions, and it directs them to check the bank's limits page for more information.

  8. Inzage in Je Gegevens (Access to Your Data): Users can manage their data-sharing preferences, particularly under PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2), through the Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking. The article provides steps to revoke consent for data access.

  9. OV (Public Transport) Usage with Betaalpas: Users can use their Triodos Betaalpas for in-and-out checking in public transport after the initial use of the card with a PIN in a store. The process mirrors using an OV-chipkaart.

  10. Triodos Bank Values and Services: The article emphasizes Triodos Bank's commitment to sustainable and transparent banking, supporting organizations with positive impacts on society, and its focus on the real economy. It also mentions various services provided by the bank, including payments, savings, investments, mortgages, and business loans.

  11. Daily Withdrawal Limits and Adjustment: The daily withdrawal limits for the Triodos Betaalpas in the Netherlands are explained, along with instructions on temporarily increasing the limits through the Mobile Banking app.

If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on any of these concepts, feel free to ask.

IBAN-Naam check | Voorkom fraude en verkeerde overboekingen | Triodos Bank (2024)
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