Update date field in SQL Server (2023)

To update a date field with T-SQL, here is the general syntax:

UPDATE table_nameSETdate_field='date_value'[WHEREconditions];

To update with the current date:

UPDATE table_nameSET date_field = getdate();

To update with the current date and time:

UPDATE table_nameSET date_field = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP;

To update with a specific date value:

UPDATE table_nameSET date_field = 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.MMM';

When you update with a specific date value and not sure about the date format, use CAST:

UPDATE table_nameSET date_field = CAST('date_value' AS DATETIME);

For example:

UPDATE studentSET registration_date = CAST('2019-09-25' AS DATETIME)WHERE id = 25;

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