Top 3 Balls That HOOK No Matter What! (2023)


Packy Describes his top 3 bowling balls for oil soaked lanes!!

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Have you guys ever bowled on some wet Lanes, some heavy oil conditions? Well, these are my three best bowling balls that I use on those Lane conditions to improve my score and to shoot a million three hundreds.

So we're going to start with the ball that I actually have drilled the most of I've drilled six of these, and it is the one so for me we're going to call it the six, the RG and all that facts up here.

Thank you, as you can see it hooks too much too much sauce this one's not on I, didn't I, didn't turn the camera on and we're back.

I thought I didn't hit on um.

This is Paul symmetric or asymmetric.

It's going to be an asymmetric ball.

It doesn't come out of the box.

Super chalky.


I have hit some with some service to make them really at the top end of my bag.

So I could throw all of these on this house shot as well as some of the sport shots with some really heavy conditions where you're struggling to get your ball to hook.

Oh, so that's definitely something that you might see on the house shot just because these are at the upper end of my bag.

They're, not going to retain a lot of energy down Lane, so you're going to see me rotating it a little more than usual.

It's just my standard little weaker layout, it's gonna a five inch pin for me for house shots.

This one is definitely going to be game one and really paying attention to game two or even the back couple frames of game one paying attention.

Is it really hooking down lane or is it kind of dying and looking like it's going to leave the seven pin or leave a corner? Pin it that's ridiculous.

This is why bowling sucks, I'm kidding I love, both I literally love them only two handers about that hit that came across at 100 miles an hour but I'm.

Looking for a hit like that, that's a that would have been a lucky break if it struck.

It was a flat seven, so I'm, looking maybe I'm gonna move two off that rotate a little more and see what happens and once those once those moves of trying to get my ball to hook more down, Lane doesn't work, then I'm, looking to switch balls and I'll show you guys what balls up next right after the shot, you saw me move in slow down and rotate it a lot more to get that back in reaction.

I'll throw one more just like that to see if it continues to hook down lane and then I'm going to switch to a little quicker, but still really big bowling ball.

It's what we call a combo move.

That's the pro move in slow down.

Add a little bit of rotation money.

Now next ball up once that one starts hitting a little flat, I'm staying asymmetrical, I'm, going really bright.

With this brutal Collision a slightly stronger layout, a little lower of a pin, this one's even a little slower than the one I might say it's not as responsive in the back end of the lane.

However, it definitely doesn't pick up quite as early as the one.

So not only is it a slight amount weaker, but it's also a little bit smoother in the back end of the lane.

This is going to be much like that other one.

It's going to be that game, one game, one and a half piece before a flat, seven, where I might need to start moving away from it and looking at maybe a quicker boat, and if you guys want to help us out, don't be afraid, like this video send us a comment down below and most importantly, if you like a lot of the videos, we do don't be afraid.

Click that subscribe button and help us run that number up to 90 000, because we're trying to give away some of these when we get to 90 000.- and this is a house that I'd like to use some of those winter balls like a purple, Hammer reactive on messenger side.

So when you guys Bowl, either a league or tournaments in a newer Center kind of like this one, where the surface is pretty new and it doesn't have a lot of games, not a lot of wear and tear these balls are definitely going to be the ones that are going to come into play, maybe even deeper than a game um, and because this one is weaker, I'm, definitely able to play I'm standing four left of where I finish with the one.

My ball speed is higher, but I'm definitely standing a little further left able to play a straighter.

I know you guys are gonna blast me in the comments, but this is a straighter angle.

With this ball, smooth balls trip, six sharp balls, six, eight simple as I wrap this ball up and I go to a quicker ball.

I want you guys to.

Let me know what asymmetric ball.

Do you guys have in your bag right now, whether it's League tournaments, whether you just bowl once a week? And it's your only ball? Let me know what ball is kind of at the top of your bag, because these three are at the top of mine, beautiful I feel like I could strike with that ball from that Angle.

Now the next ball up, as promised earlier, the Columbia 300 Cuda, the other two were a little shinier for me, throwing them this one's almost brand new.

It's going to be a symmetrical ball with a pin, almost identical to that of the brutal Collision.

This one's going to definitely be a snappier shape or a more continuous shape down Lane, where I think if I was going to move all the way right on the lane and really open the lanes up out of these three balls, this one will be the one that would continue the most down Lane and keep trying to strike once I start flat sevening.

So if I flat, seven with those two I'm coming to a ball like this Columbia 300 code, this one better, not flat.

Seven after that speech, I came foreign.

The other two have like a lane shine on them.

This one definitely has surface on it or just the original out of box surface still, I, don't know everyone keeps telling me this ball is sick.

I was going to try and incorporate it in my Arsenal, and this is my way of testing it out.

So I moved with the brutal Collision I was playing pretty straight with the one.

I was kind of deep, and this one I've moved right same spot as I finished off with the one throwing it slower, getting my hand around it and I'm gonna throw this one, even slower, to see if it still comes back, I'm going to go two and one a little slower ball speed and see if it still hooks foreign Collision.

The best of the three ball reactions.

You've had yeah I I, also like the brutal collection, the best of the three, because these the one and this Coda definitely are trying to seven pin from that deeper angle and I really think that's just a characteristic of the house.

This house likes to play hard and straight so actually, I'm gonna, try that Cuda.

Now, from that brutal Collision angle, harder straighter a little more up the back release, how does that not strike that one hooked a lot? But that was exactly what I expected because, like I said that one's going to be like the quickest or the sharpest, most continuous down, Lane so playing from a straighter angle, where there's no oil, it's obviously going to jerk off that spot.

It's going to jerk off that spot and make a hard motion not to the pocket.

You can leave that in so I'm gonna move I'm, gonna move four to the right, because, obviously, where I threw the Collision was not the answer.

So I'm gonna go four right! Keep the speed fast! That's close! That's close um! So now, because it has some surface, I am going to Loft it a little bit, which is my like pro league move that I do every game three of League I like that shape a little more than when I laid it down.

I'm just going to slow the speed down a little bit to try and get it to pick up earlier, but still not as early as when I was laying it down.

This is like the league move.

I do every single week.

This brought my game three average up from 215 last year to 2 30 this year.

When people go to League, they might not think oh I need to play Lane's front to back they're like oh they're, hooking I'm going to move in but like I did earlier, with the one when I move in I had to slow down to get it to continue continually make the right shape.

So I want to know.

What's your like natural move, when you guys Temp and do you move in, do you move right? Do you throw it harder slower? What do you guys normally do if you like, leave a corner, pin? What's your move, because mine would be to move in a little bit and slow the speed down, and if that didn't work, I would Loft it.

Foreign I mean that's exactly what I wanted to do.

I created a little more downline angle and now I'm just going to move in too so I seven pin and then I moved in and I eight pinned and now I'm going to keep moving in off that a pin, because I love down Lane motion of the three.

That is the worst ball reaction to me: yeah because of the three out of gray when you're laying it down quick, the ball's too early yeah, and then, when you get it out there with a little more speed a little more Loft.

The ball's too sharp I would probably choose this one.

After I move to and I'm going to show you I'm gonna, move two and then I'm a three bagger real quick, and that is like ideal motion for me, but like to your eyes that looks like probably too much effort.

You have the talent to make those adjustments.

It's a lot of professional bowlers do yeah, but especially a Lee.

If you can pick up a ball and and go back to your base and have a better ball reaction.

Yeah brutal Collision was like normally I like to throw it a little harder.

Keep it a little straighter.

Don't rip me in the comments.

Please keep it a little straighter, even though I'm throwing it hooking it, but that would be like the most natural release.

Natural ball motion for me, where I wouldn't have to Loft it and throw it slower and make sure I get the right hand at the bottom.

All that stuff, like this one and the one I had to trick a little bit.

The brutal Collision was like natural game, go, throw it hits the pocket and Strikes every time a pen.

This is my favorite ball reaction.

Obviously that's not the ball for right now.

It needs more oil on the land all right, so that was my little Spiel on the three best balls for some heavy or some wet oil conditions where these ones are going to come into play and they're going to come out of my bag that one it's going to be first ball out the bag that brutal Collision allows me to play my natural game and that Coda needs a little more oil than is out right here and probably a sport shot if I had to guess.

But for you guys, it's probably going to come into play.

Definitely with more of your natural game, where my rev rate kind of takes over and makes that ball break loose down Lane.

So for you guys, let me know again down below in the comments what ball either you have currently at the top of your bag or what ball you're looking forward to getting to next and until the next one.

Thank you guys for watching.

Don't forget click that subscribe button, like the video, do all that stuff that helps us out and I'll catch.

You guys on the next one peace, foreign.


Top 3 Balls That HOOK No Matter What!? ›

Solid reactive coverstocks typically provide a higher coefficient of friction than pearl coverstocks. Because of more surface friction, solid reactive balls tend to hook sooner than pearl reactive balls and also experience a reduction of energy as they travel down the lane compared to pearl reactive coverstock balls.

Do solid or pearl balls hook more? ›

Solid reactive coverstocks typically provide a higher coefficient of friction than pearl coverstocks. Because of more surface friction, solid reactive balls tend to hook sooner than pearl reactive balls and also experience a reduction of energy as they travel down the lane compared to pearl reactive coverstock balls.

Which type of bowling ball would typically produce the least hook? ›

Plastic– This coverstock is a very smooth surface and offers the least friction and therefore has the least hook potential available. This type of ball is good for beginners who desire their own ball with a proper fit to their hand.

How do I make my bowling ball more aggressive? ›

How Do I Make My Bowling Ball More Aggressive? Smoother ball surfaces tend to slide around on an oily lane more than dull balls will. Because of this, resurfacing your ball using a low-grit pad will add the necessary texture to your ball to give it a more aggressive grip on oily lanes.

Do pearl balls hook more? ›

Solid bowling balls tend to hook earlier than pearl bowling balls. The reason why you would want this is because when the oil is fresh you want the ball to start sooner that way it gets to the pocket better and more consistent. Pearl bowling balls tend to go longer down the lane and have a sharper turn on the back end.

Do any pro bowlers use a 14 lb ball? ›

The Pro Tip

Professional bowlers throw the heaviest ball that they can easily and consistently maneuver. For female professional bowlers, they usually choose a 14-pound ball, and for male pros, they choose a 15-pound bowling ball.

Is it better to bowl straight or hook? ›

When a ball is rolled straight, hitting the pocket must be precise. By hooking the ball, the ball will hit the pins with more force, producing better carry - especially on the 5-pin during a strike ball.

What to look for when buying a bowling ball? ›

Here's how to pick the right bowling ball.
  1. Weight. A bowling ball should feel heavy, but shouldn't be a struggle to hold one handed. ...
  2. Holes. It should go without saying, but if a ball has finger holes that are too snug or too loose, it can ruin your game (and hurt your fingers too).
  3. Hand span. ...
  4. Material.
Aug 11, 2016

What is a weak bowling ball? ›

Conversely, weak or cleaner bowling balls have a shiny coverstock and skid more through the front part of the lane storing up its energy for more side-to-side motion down lane.

Do plastic bowling balls hook? ›

Plastic. Plastic is a good option for beginner bowlers because it is a very smooth surface that offers little friction compared to the other bowling balls. It has a lower chance of hooking which makes it easier for newcomers to bowl with as well as those who are trying to shoot spares.

What does RG mean on a bowling ball? ›

Well RG means Radius of Gyration. (1) USBC defines RG of a bowling ball as a measurement in inches and is the distance from the axis of rotation at which the total mass of a body might be concentrated without changing its moment of inertia. Think of it like a Football. It can spin happily end over end or as a spiral.

Is there a trick to bowling? ›

Keeping your wrist and arm straight through your whole motion helps with this. Beginners frequently allow their elbows to swing side-to-side – a good way to end up with the dreaded gutter ball. Maintain a straight position with your arm and wrist and release the ball as it passes your foot.

How do you face fast bowling without fear? ›

Keep your head still and watch the ball at all times.

Don't be afraid of the ball. If you keep your eyes on the ball, anticipate its trajectory, and stay ready to react, you're less likely to get hit. Watch the line and length of the bowler's delivery, and your instincts will help you decide which shot to play.

When should you use a pearl bowling ball? ›

Pearl balls are typically highly polished and are best suited for use on broken down oil patterns. Polished pearl cover stocks come alive when they encounter friction.

Do asymmetrical balls hook more? ›

Asymmetrical balls have an aerodynamic design that causes them to hook more than symmetrical balls. This can make them more difficult to control, but it also makes them more effective at hitting the pins.

When should you use a hybrid bowling ball? ›

Hybrid coverstocks offer the mid-lane reaction of a solid coverstock and the back end reaction of a pearl coverstock. Hybrid balls will give you the front end glide you seek on Medium oil conditions and respond at the break point to the pocket similarly to pearl reactive ball coverstocks.

Why is my ball not hooking? ›

This is because side roll stores energy, which delays hook. However, if reaction is delayed too long, the ball will run out of time to hook. This is especially true if you are bowling on heavier oil. On oilier conditions, the ball naturally slides.

How often should I sand my bowling ball? ›

When Should You Resurface a Bowling Ball? As a general rule, you should resurface your bowling ball every 60 games. When it has been sanded so frequently that you can't see the logo any more, it's time to buy another ball.

Why is my ball hooking too early? ›

Generally, if your ball rolls or hooks too soon due to dry lane conditions, then adjusting the positioning of your feet on the approach and your sighting target on the lane toward the center of the lane to compensate for the early hook motion is a dependable adjustment.

Is it better to bowl with a lighter or heavier ball? ›

A bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight (up to 16 pounds), which means you really shouldn't be grabbing, say, an 8-pound ball if you weigh 150 pounds. You want some weight to the ball, but it shouldn't be so heavy that it's uncomfortable.

What is the heaviest ball you can bowl with? ›

Bowling ball weights max out at 16 pounds, and most serious bowlers use balls in the 13-15 pound range.

What weight bowling ball should a 70 year old man use? ›

In general, the rule of thumb for choosing a weight for your bowling ball is to go with one that is about 10% of your body weight. Since the highest weight is usually 16 pounds, any person that weighs over 160 pounds should look towards a 16-pound ball.

Does cleaning a bowling ball make it hook more? ›

Cleaning your bowling ball is absolutely necessary. Reactive balls absorb oil, and a ball saturated with oil won't get enough friction to hook.

Can you bowl a 300 throwing straight? ›

Learning to bowl a hook is also a good idea, as the angle to the pocket helps greatly in striking consistently. This is not required, however, as 300 games have been thrown by bowler who throw a straight ball.

Should I look at the pins when bowling? ›

Top Tip #2: Don't Look At The Pins!

Skilled bowlers do not look at the pins as they throw the ball towards them. Next time you're on the lanes, have a quick look at the lane before you start bowling. You'll notice a row of arrows, approximately half-way down the lane.

What is the hardest thing to do in bowling? ›

At a crucial moment in the classic bowling comedy Kingpin, Woody Harrelson's character, Roy Munson, stares down a 7-10 split. “The dreaded 7-10 split,” an announcer intones. “In bowling there are 1,022 spare leads. And this, the 7-10, is by far the most difficult.”

How can you tell how strong a bowling ball is? ›

A stronger bowling ball hooks more through the heads (foul line to just past the arrows) than a weaker bowling ball will. Stronger bowling balls typically have a duller finish with a symmetrical core. These bowling balls are designed for a higher volume of oil, so they grip on the lane earlier instead of sliding.

Does bowling make you stronger? ›

Improves muscle tone and strength.

Bowling works out a variety of muscles in your body, including your arms, legs, back and core. The more you bowl, the stronger and more toned your muscles will become.

Can you plug a thumb hole in a bowling ball? ›

If the ball has a thumb hole but the bowler doesn't use it, then as long as it meets static balance requirements, the ball is allowed. If the ball has both a thumb hole and a balance hole, the bowler needs to plug at least one of them.

Why do people put bowling balls in plastic bags? ›

Storing your ball safely

You should always store your ball in a zippered bag to keep dust and open air off the surface. Your bowling ball was cured at the factory, but it will continue to cure for months or years afterward. Keeping the open air off your ball will ensure it's able to cure properly.

Can you use Windex on a bowling ball? ›

Windex has been approved as legal ball cleaner by the US Bowling Congress. It along with ammonia are cleaners that work to help keep the surface of your bowling ball clean. In fact, it is always smart to look and see what cleaners have been approved by the USBC as safe and legal methods of cleaning.

What does the color mean on a bowling ball? ›

Bowling balls can have a very different hardness in different spots. Ball color can impact hardness Yellow was harder than Purple, for example. Phasing can impact hardness. Sanding a bowling ball didn't impact hardness during our testing. None of the Brunswick made Purple Hammers we checked were soft.

What does high flare mean in bowling? ›

The bowling ball flare potential is the maximum amount a bowling ball can migrate while traveling down the lane. Flare potential can be used as an indicator for which bowling balls are best suited for certain patterns and conditions i.e. oily lane conditions (high flare) and or drier lane conditions (low flare).

Is there an illegal way to bowl? ›

Throwing, commonly referred to as chucking, is an illegal bowling action in the sport of cricket. This occurs when a bowler straightens the bowling arm when delivering the ball.

How to easily get 200 in bowling? ›

A 200 game score may be accomplished by bowling only two strikes during an entire game. If a bowler gets all nine pin counts and one "double" (two consecutive strikes) during the first eleven frames, then a 200 will be reached. This is a guaranteed way of rolling a 200 plus score.

How do people get 300 in bowling? ›

In bowling games that use 10 pins, such as ten-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, and duckpin bowling, the highest possible score is 300, achieved by bowling 12 strikes in a row in a traditional single game: one strike in each of the first nine frames, and three more in the tenth frame.

How do you keep your thumb straight in a bowling ball? ›

One key in accomplishing this task is to use the same amount of gripping pressure with your thumb every delivery you make. Although you may use slightly more grip pressure with your fingers than thumb, do so consistently so your hand leaves the ball as close to the same time each shot.

Why do I keep bowling down leg side? ›

"The two main reasons, apart from fitness, for balls drifting down leg is because of a lazy leading arm and a head that falls away to the off side in the delivery. It is usually brought on by exhaustion or “trying too hard. "Explain to the youngster that consistency as a bowler is key.

How do you hit strike every time in bowling? ›

The first step and absolute key to getting strikes is hitting the “strike pocket”. The strike pocket is between the 1 and 2 pins for left-handers and between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handers. Hitting the pocket consistently with the right amount of speed and hook will lead to repeating strikes and much higher scores.

How do you increase arm speed in fast bowling? ›

In the weighted ball drill, Tushar bowls in the nets using a heavy season ball or sand ball. “Weighted ball drills help with increasing your arm speed. You can use a 260 or 300 gm sand ball for this,” he says.

What is the difference between pearl and solid coverstock? ›

Solid reactive coverstocks are typically matte finishes from the factory and are good choices for heavy or medium-heavy oil lane conditions. Pearl reactive coverstocks have the addition of mica material blended into the reactive coverstock material.

Should you always wear bowling shoes when bowling? ›

Bowling shoes protect the lanes

Bowling shoes help keep bowling lanes in top condition. If you could bowl in your street shoes, the lanes would be coated in dirt, grass, salt, water, and all the other debris. It allows for much more of a controlled environment on the lanes.

How often should I put surface on my bowling ball? ›

When Should You Resurface a Bowling Ball? As a general rule, you should resurface your bowling ball every 60 games. When it has been sanded so frequently that you can't see the logo any more, it's time to buy another ball.

What is a weaker bowling ball? ›

Weaker or Cleaner Bowling Ball

Conversely, weak or cleaner bowling balls have a shiny coverstock and skid more through the front part of the lane storing up its energy for more side-to-side motion down lane.

What is a reactive bowling ball? ›

Unlike normal bowling balls which are covered in polyurethane or dense plastic, reactive balls are coated with a layer of grippy resin. This increases the ball's traction on the lane and gives the bowler more control over the speed and angle of the throw X Research source .

What is a speed dominant bowler? ›

As J Anderson said Speed dominant is referring to your (Off the hand) ball speed higher relative to your balls rev rate. Knowing whether your "Speed" or "Rev" dominant is one bit of info used that can help in determining a layout for a ball. This is a widely used chart to see if someone is "Matched" or not.

What is flare potential in bowling? ›

A bowling ball's flare potential is the maximum amount of track migration from the axis at release to the axis at impact. In other words, the more flare potential a ball has, the more hook potential.

Is it OK to leave bowling balls in the cold? ›

Bowling balls should always be stored at room temperature or warmer. Storing them at cooler temperatures can affect performance, causing it to hook too early or too late. Keeping your ball warm before a game will help it reach its full potential.

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