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  • We are 6 Sports Neuropsychologists from across the US who tackle the flashy, and sometimes misleading headlines about youth sports, health, and safety in our efforts to educate the public, and to advocate. We talk among ourselves and with other experts, with infusions of science, common sense, humor, and our own experiences as working parents. We are working professionals, not professional influencers. Real science. Real moms. Real life.

  • We are passionate about providing quality education and information to pregnant families or families who are parenting their new babies. Let’s face it, the wide world of Google is a great resource, but it isn’t always easy to discern which information is good and which information is misleading. With nearly 30 years of combined experience as birth professionals, we created The Doula Download to provide quality information and resources to our clients and expectant and parenting families from inside and outside our community. If you’re looking for support, information, and education with a splash of humor, you’ve found the right place.

  • The Rumor MillNews, Entertainment News 26 May

    Welcome to the gen-z guide to pop culture! Join Spencer and Lexy every week as they cover the latest entertainment news; from celebrity updates, to YouTube drama, to what’s trending on TikTok...they bring their unfiltered opinions to today’s biggest headlines!

  • RAPPERWEEDTV PODCAST hosted By Mic-Man MBMG Music, Music Commentary 9 May

    Podcast featuring commentary on music news, rumor mill, social media, entertainment, sports and more!
    Artist interviews, small business promotions, and more!

    *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS

  • The MacRumors ShowTechnology, News, Tech News 7 Jun

    Join MacRumors' Dan Barbera and Hartley Charlton for discussion about all of the latest news and rumors from the world of Apple. Whether you’re wondering what’s next for the iPhone, looking for insights into the rumor mill, or just have an interest in the latest gadgets, we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know about the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more.

  • Nintendo PalsLeisure, Video Games 3 Jun

    Andross & Micah discuss Nintendo news, what they're playing, and community submitted questions/topics. Nintendo Pals is family friendly and pro-Waluigi! So whether you are looking for the best games to play, curious what's cooking in the rumor mill, or just want to geek out on all things Nintendo, the Pals got you covered! 2 long time friends, 1 awesome Nintendo Podcast. Come hang out with us! We play/talk about Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Animal crossing, Metroid, Pikmin, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Miis, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Splatoon, F-Zero, and many other Nintendo IP

  • On November 29, 2018, just as planning on Season 4 was about to get underway, Daredevil was abruptly cancelled by Netflix, and Marvel fans everywhere wondered if they’d ever see the Man Without Fear on-screen again. Since that cancellation, the #SaveDaredevil campaign has worked to keep hope and momentum for Daredevil’s return alive. Now, as the rights to Daredevil are poised to return to Disney and Marvel, we sit down together as team members *and* massive Daredevil fans to discuss topics related to the show's future, campaign strategies, address the ongoing rumor mill, and get our fangirl on about the show and character we love. If you’re looking for the best, most comprehensive information about Daredevil, its cancellation, and its chances for revival, subscribe to the #TalkDaredevil podcast today.

  • BrucePrichardmight not deal in rumor & innuendo, but we do. Join former WWE writer Robert Karpeles and SEScoop’s Dominic DeAngelo weekdays at noon Eastern for Podcast Heat’s first-ever daily video podcast, Rumor & Innuendo, as we talk all the news, events, and, yes, the dirt (mah gawd Conrad, the dirt) from WWE, AEW & the world of professional wrestling.
    You can watch each new episode starting Monday, November 27th, live on Rumor & Innuendo, Podcast Heat, Ad Free Shows, and @DominicDeAngelo’s & @WWECreative_ish X Twitter account. Each episode is uploaded to the official Rumor & Innuendo podcast feed immediately after being recorded live.

  • Rumor Flies discusses the origins, evolution, and veracity of all your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions.

  • Rumor Has It ...News, Government 25 Apr

    Rumor Has It ... is a podcast from the City of Fairborn that highlights people, places, businesses, ideas, conversations, and more related to Fairborn. Why "Rumor Has it," you might ask? Because "rumor has it Fairborn is a community that you need to know about."

    This podcast is meant to be a different approach to local government and an alternative way to learn about this community. So, sit back and relax as you hear Communications Manager Meghan Howard talk about all things Fairborn and more.

  • Rumor d'acque è un podcast di Andrea Gollin dove vengono intervistati esponenti del settore acquariofilo e non solo. Allevatori, esportatori, importatori, negozianti, studiosi, ma soprattutto appassionati si raccontano a Rumor d'acque.

  • Rumor Podcast23 Apr

    Podcast de entrevistas com autoras e autores de literatura contemporânea. . . . Vinheta principal: Whistle Synth - Lance Romance, disponível em: para compartilhamento segundo uma licença CC: . Vinheta Ligações Perigosas: Samuel Gomes . Logos e ícones: . Edição de áudio e imagem: Lucas Facó

  • A Rumor of Empathy with Lou AgostaEducation, How To 25 Jun 2022

    Dedicated to expanding empathy in the individual and the community. The empathy lessons extend from a light-hearted look to a deep dive into critical issues and controversies on empathy in authentic human relations. This podcast dedicated to the commitment that empathy be less of a rumor and more of a reality in the community! Support this podcast:

  • El rumor de la discordiaNews 11 Jan

    Un pódcast para comentar las noticias de Jalisco y sus actores. Política y análisis desde Guadalajara. Hecho por los periodistas José Carlos Toral y Ángel Melgoza.

  • The Persistent RumorComedy, Education, Self-Improvement 1 Jun

    A podcast about society, relationships, gender, politics and culture. All the stuff you're not supposed to talk about at dinner parties is what we talk about.

  • FootballcanalNews, Sports News 15 Jul 2020

    Rumor klub barca

  • We Got Issues News, Entertainment News 4 Apr 2023

    Pop culture, music and entertainment along with rumor report, round table talk, what's 🔥 in music🎵🎶 and movie🍿🎥. Support this podcast:

  • Wrestling Inc. PodcastSports 4 Jun

    Firsthand event reporting, news analysis, and rumor dissection from the experienced experts at Wrestling Inc., the online wrestling news source millions of readers trust.

  • In a small town in rural Alabama, there's a local rumor about an off-the-grid compound in the woods where rogue psychiatrists were conducting experiments on kidnapped children. That compound is abandoned now, but it's real. I've seen it. Why They Left is an investigation into what really went on in those woods, and why its inhabitants left.

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rumor mill reading room breaking news (2024)
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