Royal Mail strike: Thousands rally outside parliament in latest wave of strikes (2023)


Britain was hit with more pre-Christmas disruption today, as Royal Mail staff went on strike over pay and conditions - the first in a series of walkouts.

They're just the latest set of workers to take industrial action - with more planned this month by unions representing train drivers, nurses and ambulance staff - among others.


This isn't what anyone wanted for Christmas: a walk out from over a hundred thousand postal workers after a breakdown over pay and working conditions, they're call for a pay rise in line with inflation, rejected about the hospital appointment.

Letters aren't being delivered at the moment.

Parcels trap Parcels seem to be being prioritized over letters, Christmas cards and at this time of year, when elderly people it's a way of people keeping in touch it's disrupting people, but you're.

Adding to that, we are fighting to save the Postal Service Royal Mail saying workers are resisting changes to modernize the business, which is losing one million pounds a day.

The changes we need making sure Royal Mail is set up to be able to compete and win in Parcels.

We have no Monopoly in Parcels every parcel we win.

We win because we're the best.

Why are you striking? Now, though, people are saying you're holding Christmas hostage? Well, what are the we have got? Nothing else we can do.

We have to go on strike striking at Christmas I.

Think most people are backers.

Honestly, most of our customers are quite happy.

They're not bothered about it.

They want us to get what we what we deserve, even if their customers will forgive them.

Small businesses might not we're going to upgrade you to DHL and I'm going to send you an invoice for the uh, for the additional cost is that I'll write at Jane's monogramming company in South, London she's, had to factor in two additional hours into her day to field calls from customers worried their Parcels won't arrive in time for Christmas.

Can we rush that and upgraded a DHL? Her business heavily relies on Royal Mail, not only posting out all her finished goods, but customers can send in their belongings to her to personalize.

Also by post.

People are shopping much more prudently.

This Christmas, because we're we're economically, are in a very different situation when Royal Mail sets back their last day for guaranteed delivery by Christmas by almost a week.

So you know they normally will deliver your tractor truck 24 Parcels right up into a couple days before Christmas, but this year, they've pushed it way back.

That's a week lost to in your busiest selling period, and the busiest selling period is basically the fourth quarter, so it's one week of 12 where finally coming right for you as a retailer, so certainly one twelfth decreases is in my budget.

That's quite a lot for a small business.

It's a lot! It's a lot.

So is this one day's worth of packages? This is the start of the days the start of the day, but even if your gift arrives on time, you might not, with a rail and bus walkout, planned for virtually every day up till Christmas drivers on the picket line in South London today still haven't reached a pay deal with abelio, though drivers for another bus provider, metro line had agreed a rise for their workers.

This week of 11 percent 11 Play Rise for our bus drivers in the bellio will still live them about three years behind, because for the last 12 years they haven't been paying the right rate.

We are after a 27 pay rise.

Okay, that will bring us in line with all the other bus drivers in London I mean during a covered.

Look how much bus drivers died during a covid I mean give us credit.

You know we was out there taking the doctors, nurses, everybody to work, we kept London moving when the trains are on strike.

It's us doing their job.

You know I mean give us give us the pride, give us what we deserve, at least with yet more action planned by teachers, transport, civil servants and the biggest industrial action in NHS history to come.

It is truly the season for strikes well against a backdrop of strikes, falling living standards and freezing weather.

The chancellor today attempted to warm the economic Outlook with a bonfire of financial services regulations.

The reforms include a relaxation of so-called ring fencing rules which require Banks to separate their retail and investment.

Businesses, changes to hiring and monitoring, meaning Executives won't be held directly responsible for issues on their watch, reform of Short Selling rules where traders buy and sell assets, hoping the price will fall and plans to consult on a new Central Bank digital currency, but it was called the plans part of a race to the bottom, but rolling back legislation designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 crash will Jeremy Hunt, says: turbocharged growth without destabilizing the system.

We have learned the lessons of that crash.

We put in place some very important guard rails, which will remain, but the banks have become much healthier financially.

Since 2008 we put in place a process so that Financial issues can be resolved which we didn't have before well.

Mr Hunt says those reforms will help increase Britain's, sluggish productivity, a perennial problem for governments, but something that's likely to be made worse by the volume of strike action planned over the coming months.

Those strikes are now being pitched by Rishi sunak as a battle between union bosses and Ordinary People.

Our policy correspondent, Paul McNamara, is in Downing Street Paul, yeah, Chris Christmas looming strike action on mass Across, the Nation across so many sectors, as you heard earlier on.

That is front and foremost in the prime minister's mind now, in recent days, the rhetoric from Richie sudak has been ramped up on Wednesday in Parliament.

He was talking about tough new laws, to quote protect the lies and livelihoods of the British public against strike action.

But it's just two weeks until Christmas A lot of people are wondering: do they need to start changing their plans now because they need to do that pretty soon.

So the questions for the Prime Minister are look.

Is this just all talk or have you really got time to do anything now and what are these tough new plans? There were some briefings that they might include Banning emergency workers from even being allowed to strike.

I put those questions to the Prime Minister this morning on behalf of all broadcasters and listen out to his answers, because he's still refusing to give any detail now, the suspicion is amongst his critics that actually, he hasn't got time to push through any new laws, whatever he comes up with, and even if he does come up with something the harshest of legislation he just will be able to push through so winter disruption is still very much on the cause.

One thing he did want to talk about in detail was a new deal that he struck with Italy and Japan to work together on the next generation of fighter jet, and he was at Raf coningsbury in Lincolnshire this morning to talk about those plans, we're making an incredibly important announcement today we're one of the few countries in the world that has the capability to build technologically advanced fighter aircraft.

That's important because it means we can keep the country safe from the new threats we face.

It also adds billions to our economy and supports tens of thousands of jobs across the country, but it's also good for our International reputation and today's example.

Today we are partnering with Italy and Japan two of our closest allies to build this next generation of aircraft.

That's going to keep our country safe, and it's something that we can all be very proud of.

Well you'll hear me see military personnel.

We know there are some military personnel who, on standby, to possibly have their Christmas leave canceled to help with strike action aside from calling in soldiers is there anything you can do at this late stage to head off strike strike disruption or do people in honesty need to start making alternative plans for Christmas right now, so the government is always going to try and act fairly and reasonably and that's why we accepted in full the recommendations of the independent bodies that advise a government on the appropriate levels of pay in the public sector.

But what I'm not going to do is ask ordinary families up and down the country to pay an extra thousand pounds a year to meet the pay demands of the union bosses that wouldn't be right and it wouldn't be fair.

But what I am going to do is ensure that I minimize the disruption to people's lives and make sure that we protect lives and that's what we're working on right now with resilience and contingency plans, but also looking at tough new laws which will help us do that.

But you're right we're here at an RAF Base today, I had the opportunity to say thank you to some of our Armed Forces Personnel, because many of them are going to miss Christmas to help us deal with the disruption from strikes, whether that's Manning border posts or driving ambulances, and we all owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

It was widely briefed to the press that you could be looking at emergency workers end up like the police being Banning being banned from Strike action.

Yes, or no is that on the table, so I'm not going to get into the details now we're looking at all options, but what I can say is my priority is to always be reasonable and that's what we're going to continue to do, but also to make sure that we can protect lives and minimize A disruption to people's lives.

That's that's my focus and that's what we'll work on doing.


Lastly, there's new banking rules been unveiled today to cut red tape, introduce after the financial crisis in 2008.

There are people out there who are going to say look it's the Prime Minister who used to work for investment Banks now making life easier for investment banks.

Are you even Reckless here? No, the UK has always had and always will have an incredibly respected and robust system of regulation for the financial services sector.

Of course that's the right thing to do, but it's also important to make sure that the industry is competitive.

There are actually a million people employed in financial services and they're, not just in the London and the city, they're spread across the country in Edinburgh and Belfast and Leeds in Bournemouth, and we want to make sure that we can continue creating jobs across us, the United Kingdom.

Today's reforms will mean that the industry remains competitive.

We can create more jobs, but of course, if this will always be a safe place where consumers will be protected.


Where is the next Royal Mail strike? ›

To answer the question, 'when are the next postal strikes? ', there are no strike dates planned for January 2023. However, the CWU has warned, “further action will take place in 2023”. Members are expected to ballot on the prospect of new strikes which will affect Royal Mail services.

Are there any further postal strikes? ›

The CWU have not announced any dates for further strike action to take place. In the event the CWU do announce further strike action, we have plans to minimise disruption and get our services back to normal as soon as possible after strike action to keep people, businesses and the country connected.

What dates are the Royal Mail striking? ›

At present, there are now no dates for Royal Mail to strike in February or March 2023. This is because the CWU's six-month strike mandate will run out on 17 February and members are currently voting on whether to hold another six-month mandate.

Are Royal Mail still delivering while on strike? ›

Royal Mail Strike Dates

Royal Mail have said they will deliver as many special delivery and Tracked24 parcels as they can, prioritising medical prescriptions and covid tests. On strike days, no Parcelforce or Royal Mail collections will take place for business or regular customers.

What dates are Royal Mail strikes 2023? ›

The planned Royal Mail strikes were set to take place over a 24-hour period starting at 12.30pm on Thursday, February 16. The strike dates were on: Thursday, February 16.

Where are the Royal Mail strikes affecting? ›

What services are affected by the Royal Mail strike? All Royal Mail and Parcelforce services will be affected by the strikes. That means that if you send with one of these services, collections may be delayed until after strike days and your parcel could take longer to arrive.

Are there postal strikes in 2023? ›

There were 18 strike dates called last year and 2023 has seen the union and Royal Mail attempt to make progress at Acas. This month, former TUC general secretary Sir Brendan Barber joined the effort to deliver peace.

Are Royal Mail getting a pay rise? ›

The 10pc is broken down into 2pc backdated from April 2022, a 6pc rise from April 1, 2023, a 2pc increase from April 1, 2024 and a £500 lump sum bonus. Spread over three years, the wage deal is significantly lower than inflation, the annual rate at which sits at 10.1pc.

Why have postal strikes been cancelled? ›

The union's legal teams cited laws that are 'heavily weighted against working people'. S trike action by Royal Mail postal workers has been called off. A two-day strike over pay was called off after legal challenges from Royal Mail, said the Communication Workers' Union (CWU).

How much delay is the Royal Mail strikes causing? ›

during this time you may experience a significant delay to your order - in excess of 14 days. How long will these delays be for? We anticipate up to 14 days of delays and disruption to the Royal Mail service whilst Royal Mail clear the backlog of post.

Are all Royal Mail striking tomorrow? ›

There are currently no Royal Mail strikes scheduled to take place. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) had planned a 24 hour walkout from 12:30pm on Thursday 16 February, but this was cancelled following a legal challenge from Royal Mail.

Is Royal Mail postal strike Cancelled? ›

LONDON, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Britain's Royal Mail said on Tuesday that a walkout planned by a trade union representing postal workers at the company has been cancelled because the union made "an error in their strike notification."

How long is Royal Mail taking? ›

Keep tabs on your deliveries – and keep your customers in the loop – with our Tracked service options. Choose between 24 or 48 hour delivery speeds* – including full tracking, the option of signature on delivery, and free email or SMS notifications.

What days are Royal Mail not delivering? ›

Royal Mail will deliver and collect your post Monday to Saturday. They also deliver on Sundays in some areas. You won't get post on bank holidays.

What are the Royal Mail strikes over? ›

IDS said Royal Mail swung to a loss “due to industrial action” by unionised staff over pay and working conditions that eventually led to the resignation of its chief executive, Simon Thompson, last week, as well as an “inability to deliver the in-year benefits of planned productivity improvements”.

Are rail strikes planned for April 2023? ›

March and April 2023

The strike action announced by the RMT union was suspended. The train companies that would have been affected are: Avanti West Coast. Chiltern.

Who is striking on 28th April? ›

Friday 28 April

130,000 civil and public service workers belonging to the PCS union, including Border Force agents, on strike.

Is the Royal Mail strike nationwide? ›

Royal Mail workers are beginning a 48-hour strike that the retail sector warns could cripple the Black Friday discount shopping season. The strike action is being taken nationwide by 115,000 staff represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Is Royal Mail slow? ›

Royal Mail is required to deliver 93% of first class mail within one working day of collection and 98.5% of second class mail within three working days.

Are post offices still open with the strikes? ›

Will post offices close on strike days? The Post Office is separate to Royal Mail, and is not involved in the dispute, so its branches will remain open.

Who owns Royal Mail? ›

In 2013, Royal Mail was floated on the London Stock Exchange. The Government initially retained a 30 per cent stake in the service, but sold its remaining shares in 2015 under former chancellor George Osborne. It is now a public limited company, meaning it is owned by shareholders.

What is the highest paid job in Royal Mail? ›

The Royal Mail employees with the job title Postman make the most with an average hourly rate of ₤10.73, while employees with the title Postman make the least with an average hourly rate of ₤10.73.

How much do Royal Mail employees get? ›

The average Royal Mail salary ranges from approximately £19,000 per year for Sales Professional to £67,454 per year for Director of Business Development. Average Royal Mail hourly pay ranges from approximately £6.82 per hour for Apprentice to £19.03 per hour for 7.5 Tonne Driver.

What is the bonus for the Royal Mail manager? ›

His £540,000 salary is more than 23 times higher than that of the average Royal Mail worker (£25,700). During the event it was also revealed Chief Executive of Royal Mail, Nick Read, has a yearly salary of £415,000. In the 2021/2022 financial year, Mr Read also received a bonus of £400,000.

How long will the Royal Mail backlog take to clear? ›

This could take “several days” to clear, the source said. However Postwatch, the industry watchdog, estimated the backlog at 200 million letters and parcels. This would take a week to clear, it said.

How much of a backlog do Royal Mail have? ›

Post-Switch has rebutted Royal Mail's earlier claims to have reduced the backlog from 30m items last weekend to 5m by Monday.

Can I sue Royal Mail? ›

You can only get compensation from Royal Mail if the item was posted in the UK and sent using a Royal Mail service - for example by using a Post Office. You can't get any compensation if your post is delayed and one of the following applies: it was posted to somewhere outside the UK.

Are there any rail strikes planned for September? ›

Update: 9 September 2022

Train drivers will strike on Thursday September 15 and Saturday 17 September 2022 as part of a long-running dispute over pay and conditions on the railway. There will also be another strike for 24 hours from midday on Monday September 26 until midday on Tuesday September 27 2022.

Has the rail strikes been Cancelled? ›

No further rail strikes have been scheduled by RMT so far.

How long is Royal Mail to USA? ›

Royal Mail advertises an average 3 - 5 working day delivery time for international parcels. International delivery lead time takes 6 - 7 working days for Royal Mail Standard services. Signed and tracked Royal Mail services can take 2 - 5 working days.

What does 48 mean on Royal Mail? ›

Sizes and what you can send

Large Letters: Max 750g | Max L 35.3cm x W 25cm x D 2.5cm. Parcel: Max L 61cm x W 46cm x D 46cm. Parcels max weight: 20kg (Royal Mail 24) 2kg (Royal Mail 48)

Does Royal Mail deliver to USA? ›

Royal Mail teams up with its sister company Parcelforce for international shipping including shipments to the USA. All international delivery services are full-tracked.

What is the slowest mail day? ›

Sunday is the worst day for mail. You're less likely to get mail delivered on Sunday, as most mail services don't operate on this day.

What is the longest mail delay? ›

According to Official Guinness Records, The longest time elapsed between a letter being posted and its delivery is 89 years. In 2008, Janet Barrett, a guest-house owner in Weymouth, Dorset, UK, received the letter – an RSVP to a Boxing Day party invitation, which had been posted on 29 November 1919.

Can I collect a parcel from Royal Mail before delivery? ›

Collect from the mail centre

Choose Early Extraction to get your mail at the earliest possible time. Collect any mail that has already been processed at the mail centre. Any uncollected mail will be delivered to you the same day.

How many Royal Mail are striking? ›

There were 18 strike dates called last year and 2023 has seen the union and Royal Mail attempt to make progress at Acas.

Why is Royal Mail strike cancelled? ›

The union's legal teams cited laws that are 'heavily weighted against working people'. S trike action by Royal Mail postal workers has been called off.

Will post offices be open during the postal strike? ›

The majority of Post Offices will remain open.

Royal Mail and the Post Office are separate companies, so Royal Mail strikes usually don't affect the Post Office opening hours. However, it is likely there will be some disruption to the following services on days of industrial action: Posting letters and parcels.

How much do Royal Mail get paid? ›

Hourly pay at The Royal Mail ranges from an average of ₤9.58 to ₤11.70 an hour. The Royal Mail employees with the job title Postman make the most with an average hourly rate of ₤10.73, while employees with the title Postman make the least with an average hourly rate of ₤10.73.

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