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Hey guys.
In this DCS World Simulator video I'm trying the new F15E Strike Eagle at night in a strike mission supported by 2 F16 Viper against 2 SU33 Flanker. Hope you guys enjoy!
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I love playing simulators, I started with Arma 3 and then I saw DCS World. I also enjoy War Thunder , Battlefield , Ghost recon, Squad , Rome total war, Microsoft Flight Simulator and more. I also enjoy World War II games including il-2 In DCS World i found all the jets that i wanted to fly in a simulator the F 16 Viper , FA 18 Hornet , F 15 Eagle , A 10 Warthawg , SU 27 , Mig 29 , P 51 , Spitfire , AH 64 Apeche , Heuy and more... And if you will download MODs the options are endless: F 22 Raptor, SU 57 , A 4 Skyhawk , SR 71 Blackbird , Rafale, Gripen and the list goes on.

My PC Specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
GPU: Geforce RTX 2080ti
RAM: DDR4 Corsair 3200 MHz 32 GBB (total of 4 sticks so 128 GB in total)
Mother Board: ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
Hard Drives:
1. NVMe CT2000P2SSD8 2TB.
2. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2 TB
3. SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB.
4. WDC WD10EARS - 00Y5B1 1TB
Power Supply: FPS 1500 Gold Edition
HOTAS: Logitech X56 Throttle, ThrustMaster A10 Warthog Stick
Head Tracking: Track IR 5
VR: Oculus Rift S


Hey everybody welcome back to another video today in the Strike Eagle I'm gonna do a night Mission and two vipers gonna help me out and we got somewhat of a complex situation there.

So, okay, let me try to explain.

What's going on, we got illusion: 76 modified as a spy plane and he's been escorted by two su-33s and those vipers are going to take care of those su-33s.

I'm gonna try to take care of this illusion and he is connected to somewhat of intelligence gathering station on the ground, which is uh.

Two early warning stations and I need to strike them.

So I got the illusion to take care of and those two early warning stations I'm carrying two paveways to strike that and uh it's somewhat of a complex situation, because it's this whole area of those early warning stations is protect not protected, but uh.

There is a in the vicinity of that uh iskandar missiles, which are kind of a ballistic missiles, really really cool.

By the way it's a mod and I cannot recommend it enough it from current Hill.

He got a whole website.

You guys should check it out a lot of uh a lot of great ground stuff over there.

So this is the other Viper I'm, just gonna wait for them here, I'm going to hold short and I'm gonna prepare myself for those takeoff.

Here we go, the Vipers are on the move and the Strike Eagle is a very capable uh Striker for them.

For Knight I got the nav Fleer I got targeting pod I got night vision, goggles it's you know, nothing can be the king of the night like easily, and you can see everything and I can't wait till we get jadems because with laser guided bombs, you need to laze each and every Target right, but- and there was also an altitude to that, you can do it from really high up.

When we got we're gonna get the J Dems.

The thing can carry like just on the on the conformal tanks can carry like what what is it? 12 12 J dams, and you can put a few more on your central line.

It's it's insane.

You can strike a whole Runway, no issues it can cover so many targets.

It's uh, it's pretty good, so I'm going to take off right after those vipers and again, my mission is to strike those early warning stations and I got two pave ways which are pretty big bombs and I like them.

A lot really cool, oh by the way yeah, as you hear we got a-wax, is going to help us.

He already sees those uh, this uh Patrol, being escorted by the solution being escorted by those uh two su-33s here the Vipers are taken off I'm, going to take off right after the number two here once I'm gonna take off I'm gonna, you know set up everything and we're gonna go fully night mode here and you're gonna see the nav Flair by the way is uh is really well modeled.

Here it's you can see a lot and I'll I'll show you how I'm setting it up I like some sort of a contrast, I like uh, the leak of natural lights, not natural, but you know and light it from the environment not coming through the nav clear, because I can easily identify.

What's going on like that, let me just line up here.

Yeah they're number two is uh, just airborne right now just took off here we go, let's line up nice and easy and brakes all right.

Everything is set flight control check.

The striker goal is modeled very well very, very well modeled, it's really fun to fly okay power up all the way up to 80.

breaks, release full power, I'm I'm a little bit heavy here, so it's gonna take a little bit to take off here.

Oh keep it on the central line.

Here, try to not a lot of wind, but some of it I do need to input some Rudder Corrections here.

Speed is still coming up and we can start rotating now slowly and we're down Gear Up flaps up getting a little bit more of a speed, so I can climb higher and there it is, and the Never I'm going to turn it on I like to put the brightness somewhat in the middle there or just a little bit uh in front of it.

In the contrast somewhere around that and that's the night vision, we can look through the nether in uh in a short while here, I'm gonna level out and then I'm gonna kind of fine tune it so I can see the ground and the leak of the lights around me and we can turn off the lights and the master arm can go on.

That's it we'll just head to the Target.

We already have radar contact, so the Vipers I assume are already starting to engage, let's uh, let's mess with the nav clear a little bit so after you turn the netflier on you've got those two knobs here that you can twist and turn the contrast and the brightness of that.

It's actually looks pretty good right now.

You can see the leak of natural light, not natural light, but you know what I'm saying ambient light I like that, because it's easy I like to stop the the you know, tuning of that, once I can see like the texture of the ground, it really helps.

I can see the clouds.

I can see everything.

It looks really awesome all right.

Let's fly and uh catch them on radar and with the ISF here I can identify which Target is which and if I'll be able to engage all of them.

I don't really care if the Viper is not going to do their job.

I just want to keep flying straight if the Viper is not going to do their job fast enough.

I'm just gonna do my own thing, because the Strike Eagle is very capable in bvr.

Dogfight is another thing, and I would not like to merge with a flanker here's the Vipers right there, yeah they're, already committed to the Target okay, let's climb up and start working, our radar, I'm gonna, pull up the teapot here and the multi-color display there I, really like it I really like it.

You also it's it's kind of similar to The Hornet The Hornet got the you know the center uh the center MPD.

How do you call it MFD and multi-color MFD and never mind it's the same thing so you're going to see the teapot gonna, the targeting part gonna come out as black and white, it's uh.

In my opinion, it's way better.

It's easier to spot and look in the effects actually looks a bit more pleasant than the green I already have radar contact here, unable to lock him yet shortly.

Well, though, just adjust the elevation a little bit.

It was too low, so the elevation gonna come up here.

We go that's a little bit too much and there it is.

We got radar contact there.

So, first of all, we're going to try to lock them unable to lock him yet I'm gonna close the distance, while climbing the Strike Eagle have a very capable radar and it's very comfortable to use as far as they go to all the commands that you can put like iff, uh go to uh targets or uh track.

Wall scan go to single Target track, it's very comfortable to use it's it's a bunch of commands and the whole test that you're gonna need to memorize, but it's uh.

It follows the same logic, so Auto acquisition in out all that kind of good stuff.

It's fairly fairly, simple one: okay: here we go government radar again, let's try to lock them got him locked.

Oh those lights are very bright all right we got one of them and I can if to see which one he is so that's gonna be a switch to the right and we have two Targets they're already locked them in track while scan and we're getting closer I don't know if the Vipers are engaging or not but I'm gonna close in it as well so I'll be able to engage and with the cooler switch right long you can uh send iff and basically get on the screen here it's going to tell you which one it is it's really cool there you go this you see su-33 so that's one of them let's switch to the other Target su-33 all right so I got both flankers I don't see the illusion yet we're getting pretty close I think I'm going to engage if the Vipers uh didn't Splash them yet there we go Fox three let's switch to the other Target they're getting really close Fox 3.

all right let's see if we get any hits here and I don't see any other Target well not yet we will find the solution, though, looks like they're defending I, don't know if they engage the Vipers and the Vipers are defending as well, but looks like they're somewhat defending the combination with nav, Fleer and nvg is kind of weird.

I can work only with an F there, or only with the nvg.

The Netflix is usually better yeah.

You can see missile Trails there is it missile Trail, all those lines, yeah I think they engage the Vipers okay, let's see if we can identify any splashes here, it's really hard to tell oh there you go.

That's a splash, that's definitely a splash yeah, that's a splash right there, okay, so Splash one! This is one out of two and that's the other Target right here.

He looks like he's defending and is still up so I'm gonna give him another Fox three I got only four by the way there we go.

That's gonna get him I, don't want to lose so much altitude, so I'm, uh, yeah, well, okay, I'm gonna, have to keep visual I, don't want to merge with him, so I'm just pushing him defensive like that, he's really close to the ground.

There we go splash.

We got a splash, 13.

I, don't think! That's that guy, let's see if we can.

Oh there, we go take a look to the left hand side there we got well I, see two bogeys.

One of them is definitely friendly.

That's for sure which one did I lock.

It's iff see which one did I lock it's hard to tell while working with the radar it's a little bit.

You know sometimes it's hard to tell well that's someone here down low, well, vid I can definitely see it's the illusion right there.

So the illusion is the one flying in a straight line right now.

So let's try to pick him up.

Uh, not using the radar.

I'm gonna use the super search mode.

There we go.

That's not the one.

Let's try to uh narrow it down, so super search again narrow there.

We go.

That's the illusion right there, um yeah, we're pretty much in range, but I want to be sure.

The illusion is a big plane.

It's going to take a lot to take down all right yeah.

We can give him a fox three, we're not there for our six miles.

Fox three and we're out so I'm gonna close in on him and if he's not gonna drop I'm gonna get him down I'm out of it.

Your ammunition, that's it that looks like a good track.

Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell that was a hit, but he is still flying all right.

Let's form up behind him and gun him down.

Okay, let's close the distance.

A little bit guns are really cool.

You're gonna hear the sound effect on that thing.

It's it's really cool yeah we're getting closer wow with the flickering lights yeah.

Let's work only with a nav clear.

You see how clean it is, so the nvg picks up all this uh light.

The Netflix is a little bit more subtle that way, all right guns- oh that was too low.

Oh, it sounds yeah that was it it's spradle there we go.

That's so fun yeah a lot of light coming through the nvgs, while you're working with him.

So it's really hard to tell.

But then everything is really clean.

Okay, A little bit of a turn here, just to put myself on a someone, accurate uh, you know approach to strike those targets, so we're getting ready here with uh air to ground and let's turn on the targeting pod real quick.

Well, we have it on the middle screen there, but I'm gonna use the right one uh, just so it'll be more comfortable for me to see the HUD.

So there we go and now you can, you know fully switch up.

You can go through the waypoints, so it's going to go first to that first wave point: that's why it's black and the second? Oh, so the situation has been escalated.

As you can see.

After our engagement, there decided to engage arsa through the uh to the friendly side of the border to our side, so they're not engaged with the iskandar ballistic missiles, so yeah the situation has been escalated.

My mission is still remain the same I'm going to engage with those two gpus uh, just setting it up right here.

I'm gonna drop them one by one on those targets, but now we have another mission on our hands is to hunt down those escandar site, they're, probably going to relocate.

Obviously, after that engagement, I cannot engage him right now.

I got only the ammunition to engage those uh early warning stations.

As you can see, this is one dome right here.

That's one of them: I'm designating the Target now and uh.

That's it I'm.

Just gonna put myself in a somewhat of a straight approach: it's gonna be simple as that just fly in drop the bomb laser on and the bum will do its thing, but uh yeah.

Now we're gonna have another situation that we're gonna have to come back here with what jet would you reckon to come back to destroy a holy Scandal site? There's a lot of them there.

So I, don't know we'll see.

I'm gonna have another mission now, and the situation now has been escalated and the nav clear looks awesome.

Look at that see.

I can fine tune it here with a brightness and the contrast just to see the textures of the ground and I like it.

You see the light Lake from the small village to the left side right side of the HUD there we go I like to redesignate just to be safe, so I'm dropping on the right location.

But overall you don't need to be that accurate with the designation, because it's a laser guided bomb.

So as long as he's around the target, you're probably gonna be good.

No, you don't need to worry there.

You can be too far off, obviously, but as long as you're in the vicinity of the Target and you're and you're guiding the bomb with a laser yeah, the bomb can somewhat maneuver us or you're good, but I like to be accurate.

That way, just to make sure you know it's going to make it easier on the target as well and if, for some reason my laser is going to malfunction I'm, Gonna, Be, On Target, because it's gonna turn into a ccrrp drop, getting close to the Target assume that the line will drop on the vertical line right there you're going to see a line, dropping down that are going to be the drop cue as soon as it's going to occur.

There we go as soon as you're gonna cross the flight Vector uh.

This is where I'm going to drop the bomb so I'm going to hold the pickle button right now, I'm, holding it down and bomb away, slightly turned to give some sort of an angle to the targeting pod and the laser is on not like the Viper.

You don't need to hold the laser cueing whatever it is that you use, you just need to press it, and it's going to automatically.

You know it's going to lace, it's going to leave the laser on until you're going to shut it off, so that's actually comfortable.

While you know doing Hotel stuff you can whatever you need to do well right now you can do a lot of stuff because you still need to redesignate that Target but I'm.

You know fine tuning it all the way in it's going to look so cool you're, going to see the Paveway coming in and striking the target.

It's really oh, let's look at both screens actually have thought of that.

I know.

I shouldn't have both strings here, but it's cool there.

You go sorry coming in from the up left corner there, that's so cool, okay, undesignate and now, let's turn back around night vision can go on now and I'm gonna turn back around and strike the other targets, which is another kind of uh.

It's not the same kind, but it's another kind of early warning radar.

So let's turn back around and I'm going to take my time.

The area is basically clear other than those escanderers whatever, but other than that.


Don't have a lot to worry about.

Okay, let's redesignate! Let's see if we capture the right target, take a look at the targeting part here yeah: this is it now we can designate it there.

We go it's designated.

Sometimes it will jump.

It'll designate like uh the wrong place.

You just hit designate again and it's gonna show you the correct the correct flight path.

There we go see.

It is somewhat close, so I'm breaking a little bit more and reducing my speed.

Eight miles, I, don't know I'm pretty high 20 21 000 feet so I'm.

Turning in fast, because I don't want to I, don't want to overshoot the Target and then do another pass so pulling a little bit harder.

It should be somewhere around there between that road and that Airfield right there.

It should be somewhere around there.

Let's see there we go there.

We go right next to the road.

Okay, let's level off, make sure that we're on target and the the drop cue is going to come really soon.

Here, oh, let's redesignate, again I kind of miss it.

There we go here.

The drop EQ is coming in hold the pickle button and bomb away laser on and just fine tune it and you know, keep it on the target and again you're gonna see the Paveway coming in striking from we're going to take a look at both screens because it looks so cool and uh black and white.

There yeah it looks way better here.

Look at the glare around it.

The targeting part like the visuals that you get from the targeting pot, look really really good.

It looks great here it comes there.

We go pow impact all right.

Both targets are destroyed and now we're going to go head back home and uh I, don't know what's going to happen, but we have another mission on our hands to take out this uh Scandal sites.

What jet should I use for that all right anyway, hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you in the next one foreign.

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