How to Get the Day from a Date in T-SQL (2023)


You’d like to get the day from a date field in a SQL Server database.


Our database has a table named MedicalVisit with data in the columns Id, FirstName, LastName, and VisitDate.


For each patient, let’s find the day of the medical visit. We’ll get it from the VisitDate field.


We’ll use the DAY() function. Here’s the query you would write:

SELECT First_name, Last_name, DAY(VisitDate) AS VisitDayFROM MedicalVisit;

Here’s the result of the query:



If you want to get a day from a date in a table, use the SQL Server DAY() function. This function takes only one argument – the date. This can be a date or date and time data type. (In our example, the column VisitDate is of the date data type.) The argument can be a column name or an expression. (In our example, it is the VisitDate column.)

DAY() returns the number of the day of the month as an integer from 1 to 31. For Alice Thomas’ visit, the day is 5; we get it from the YYYY-MM-DD date ‘2019-11-05’.

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