Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for a Large Group (2024)

When it comes to hosting events likewomen’s ministry gatheringsorChristian women’s retreats, there’s something wonderfully communal about baking together or sharing homemade treats.

Chocolate chip cookies, with their gooey centers and golden edges, are an ultimate favorite that brings smiles and joy to the table. Preparing the perfectchocolate chip cookie recipe for a large groupnot only provides a delicious snack but also serves as a heartwarming gesture of hospitality.

Getting your recipe right is key to serving the best chocolate chip cookies that will be remembered and enjoyed by all. Ensuring that you have a recipe that can yield a large batch without sacrificing the taste and quality of these beloved treats is essential.

With a few adjustments for quantity, it’s possible to prepare giant chocolate chip cookies that offer both the soft chewiness and the rich flavors that are characteristic of this classic dessert. By planning ahead, you can bake enough cookies for everyone and even have some to spare!

Try our chocolate chip cookie recipe for a large group for the perfect treat for the ladies at your women’s retreat.

We like to offer cookies as both a dessert and a snack option.

Frequently, we add baked goodies to our coffee bar so that ladies can grab something ‘on the go’ to their nextbreakout session.

Key Takeaways

  • Create large batch recipes for communal events to provide a warm, homemade touch.
  • Adjust the cookie dough recipe to maintain quality in larger quantities.
  • Plan baking times and storage to ensure fresh, delicious cookies throughout your event.
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Table of Contents

Preparing the Cookie Dough

When preparing cookie dough for a large group, especially for events like women’s ministry gatherings or Christian women’s retreats, it’s important to use a recipe that’s not only delicious but also easy to follow.

You’ll want to choose ingredients that will yield the best flavor and texture for your chocolate chip cookies, and understand the correct method for mixing and resting the dough.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

The success of yourchocolate chip cookie doughstarts with selecting quality ingredients. For a crowd-pleasing texture and taste, use a combination ofpurpose flourandcake flour.

The cake flour lends a finer crumb and softer texture to your cookies.Cold buttershould be cut into small pieces to integrate easily when creamed with sugars, and using anextra egg yolkwill result in a richer dough.

Don’t forget thevanilla extractfor that classic cookie flavor!

For yourchocolate chips, considermilk chocolate chipsfor their creamy and smooth chocolate taste that everyone will love. Remember, the quality of the chocolate can turn a good chocolate chip cookie into thebest cookie recipeat your event.

Mixing and Resting the Dough

Once your ingredients are ready, it’s time to start the dough. In alarge bowl, cream the cold butter with both brown and white sugar onlow speeduntil well incorporated. Using apaddle attachmentcan make this process easier if you’re using a stand mixer.

Gradually add the combineddry ingredients—your flours,baking soda, and a pinch of salt—to the mix. Theflour mixtureshould be added slowly to avoid overworking the dough; this can be done atlow speeduntil just combined.

After adding the eggs andvanilla extract, fold in your chocolate chips with a spatula to distribute them evenly.

For largecookie dough balls, acookie scoopcan ensure consistent size and baking time, which is particularly important when baking ahuge batch of cookies. Once scooped, cover your tray of dough balls withplastic wrap.

Thechill timein the refrigerator is crucial, as it allows the fats to solidify, leading to less spread during baking and a thicker, more delicious cookie.

Typically, chilling for 1 hour is sufficient, but you can extend this to overnight if time allows, making your baking day smoother.

With these steps, you’re now well-equipped to create aneasy chocolate chip cookie recipethat’s sure to become afavorite cookie recipeat your next large gathering.

Our Tried and True Recipe

The great thing about this chocolate chip cookie recipe is the ability to easily make variations on the base recipe to provide alternatives. Mmmmmm….so yummy!


2 C.butter (4 sticks)
1 ½ C.sugar
2 C.brown sugar
3 eggs
2 Tb vanilla
6 C.Flour
1 ½ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp soda
4 c. chocolate chips (other flavor chips, nuts optional)

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Preheat oven to 350.

In a very large mixing bowl (or largest bowl for a stand mixer), cream together the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar.

Add the eggs and vanilla and mix well.

In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, salt and soda.

With the mixer running, add the flour until well combined. Stir in chocolate chips (I do this with a wooden spoon).

Drop by heaping tablespoon sized portions on an ungreased cookie sheet (I line mine with parchment).

Bake for 9-12 minutes.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for a Large Group (3)

This recipe makes approximately 6 dozen cookies.

Because this chocolate chip cookie recipe is so large, you can make variations on it as well.

Divide the dough in half and make one half with chocolate chips and add nuts in the 2nd half.

Or substitute butterscotch chips or white chocolate or peanut butter or… your choices are endless for you to make many options for your retreat ladies!

Baking and Storing Cookies

When you’re preparing for a women’s ministry event or aChristian women’s retreat, you’ll want to ensure your cookies are both delicious and can be enjoyed at their best. Here’s how to bake them to perfection and store them right.

Baking the Perfect Cookie

To bake cookies that are sure to be a hit at your next bake sale or retreat, start by preheating your oven to thecorrect oven temperaturewhich is crucial for even cooking.

Line your baking trays withparchment-lined baking sheetsto prevent sticking and achieve that desirable golden brown finish without burning the bottoms.

If using abowl of a stand mixer, combine your ingredients until they’re just blended. Overmixing can lead to tough cookies.

Timing is key – bake until just golden brown, which usually takes about 10 to 12 minutes. If they’re not quite golden, give them anextra minutebut watch carefully to avoid overbaking.

When you’ve hit that sweet spot, remove the cookies and let them cool slightly on the tray before transferring them to acooling rack. This will give you the perfectgooey chocolate chip cookiethat is still structurally sound when picked up.

Storage and Serving

Once your delicious cookies have been baked and have had time to cool on awire rack, it’s time to think about storage.

If not serving immediately, store your cookies in anairtight containerto keep them fresh. When you’re ready to serve, pair them with acold glass of milkfor the ultimate treat.

If you’re providing cookies for personal consumption at an event and need to consider those with a medically restrictive diet, make sure to include a sign with thenutritional information.

Note thatactual nutritional contentcan vary, so useavailable nutrient dataas a guide to estimatedaily valuesand comply with anydisclosure policyin place. Remember, while these cookies are delicious, they should be eaten in moderation as part of a balancedcalorie diet.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll havedelicious cookiesready for fellowship and fun at your next gathering. Whether it’s a warm cookie just out of the oven or one saved for later, each bite will be a reminder of the joy and community shared at your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing chocolate chip cookies for a women’s ministry event or Christian women’s retreat, it’s important to have answers to common queries to ensure everyone enjoys these delightful treats. Here are some helpful FAQs.

What ingredients do I need for making large batch chocolate chip cookies?

For large batch chocolate chip cookies, you’ll need basic baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and, of course, chocolate chips. You may also need baking soda, salt, and vanilla extract. Ensure you have enough quantities to scale up your recipe.

How can I modify a chocolate chip cookie recipe to cater to a large group?

To cater to a large group, increase the recipe quantities proportionally. If a typical recipe yields 2 dozen cookies and you need 4 dozen, simply double the ingredients. Be mindful of your mixing bowl and baking sheet sizes to accommodate the larger volume.

What’s the best way to ensure my chocolate chip cookies spread evenly when baking?

To ensure even spreading, use a cookie scoop for uniform size, chill your dough if it’s too soft, and give cookies ample space on the baking sheet. Make sure your baking soda is fresh to help them rise and spread correctly.

Can you share some tips for making soft and chewy cookies for a crowd?

For soft and chewy cookies, use more brown sugar than white sugar, don’t overmix the dough, and avoid overbaking. Pull them out when they’re just set and still look a little underdone; they’ll continue to bake on the sheet.

How many cookies will a recipe yield if I need approximately 4 dozen?

A standard chocolate chip cookie recipe usually makes about 2 dozen cookies. To make roughly 4 dozen cookies, you would need to double the recipe. Ensure your oven can accommodate the extra baking sheets, or bake in batches.

What are cowboy cookies, and how do they differ from traditional chocolate chip cookies?

Cowboy cookies are a heartier version of chocolate chip cookies, typically with oats, nuts, and sometimes coconut added to the dough. They’re perfect for large gatherings, offering a more substantial snack for your guests.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for a Large Group (4)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for a Large Group (2024)
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