Biggest Strike In US About To Start | Friday Deadline (2024)


Hundreds of thousands of UPS workers are about to go on strike and it seems not to be all but inevitable. The UPS Strike would be the largest in US history.
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Hundreds of thousands of UPS workers have been in Union negotiations with the UPS since April.

Now those talks are coming to a head as they approach the August 1st deadline for a general strike for the hundreds of thousands of package deliverers folks, I can't emphasize yet again how important this is and how big of an impact this will have on basically all packages across the United States uh.

This will impact FedEx delivery system impacts, Amazon deliveries, people will just buy from different stores, people buy from different uh shipping companies and it will just Jam everything up folks uh.

We just got an ultimatum from the UPS negotiation team.

The teamsters have said that today is the deadline that UPS needs to send in its best and final offer for negotiations that if they Don don't put in a good enough offer today that the teamsters they just walked away from negotiations, and they just said you, you tell us when you're ready to negotiate.

You tell us when you're ready to make us a serious offer, and that's kind of where we are right now, is that they are not going to negotiate any further.

Supposedly, that's what the teamsters are saying.

Um now, UPS just for perspective, delivers 20 million packages a day.

A lot of you, a lot of uh people all over the place, get packages from UPS every day.

A lot of us have gotten them occasionally, if you've ever ordered from Walmart or you've ordered from some of these other stores.

You order on Amazon and got it from a third party delivery or buy things off, eBay, you've, probably gotten stuff from UPS.

Now it's hard to tell which is UPS and which is FedEx these days.

But I will say this that FedEx is now refusing to deliver anything that is brass and Lead.

They will not deliver that at all anymore.

So the only way you you can get seeds for your boomsticks is for you to go through UPS and so with UPS on strike.

That means you're not going to order any of that online.

Basically, unless you can get that locally or get that uh from some shipping agency that I don't know of also um, so with the August First Strike um, one of the things that's really aggravating I believe UPS workers, I've heard from a number of you who are UPS workers is the record profits that UPS has so the corporation.

The company is posting record profits, their margins are higher than ever before, and yet the workers are struggling more and more.

The inflation out there of of the price of everything is, is getting so high, and yet wages are not going up.

Wages are not going up nearly as much as the cost of beans at the store are, or the cost of cars or the cost of services for anything out there, and so there's just this General um belief that that UPS can make a much better offer if they're, making so much money, they should be able to pay their workers more money out.


There's also demands putting AC units into every single UPS vehicle which I don't know.

If that's, realistic um actually I've had at least one of you who was an UPS worker saying.

That's really not a realistic uh demand but wages up of Health Care issues and just general around the way improvements of the packages that that UPS workers are at especially the fact that there are two two levels of UPS workers there's there's uh the part-time workers and then there's the full-time workers and they're being treated extremely differently even if the part-time workers are getting more hours out there they're still not being treated equally to full-time workers and there really shouldn't be a two-tier system but there is and so that's part of the issue issue that they have out there if you guys are part of the UPS if you're UPS workers if you're part of these negotiations or whatever and you can share stuff please do don't hesitate to email.

Me at poplarpreparedness.

Gmail.Com, you can also pop things in the comments down below.

If you guys know stuff about these negotiations.

Or about other supply chain issues.

Just use the word update in a comment and I'll see those in the next number of days.

Uh also just keep in mind that that we're not just talking about UPS out there either.

We have other supply chain disruptions happening as well, and we have tremendous issues happening on farms.

We can't get parts and in a lot of these uh, we heard from parts dealers and and truck repair places and and tractor repair places that they're not stocking the parts and that they are waiting for just-in-time delivery to deliver those parts.

Once someone says you know, do you have X part, they say well, we got to put it in the system and we've got to send an order from the warehouse to get it out here, because they don't have the parts on hand at the shops.

They don't have Parts.

They used to have a lot more parts on hand and is it short of it and so with the requirements of them.

Depending on these delivery options, they've been able to do that with UPS and FedEx, just chomping at the bid to come, compete for this business, but yet we're now seeing that with UPS potentially going offline for day these weeks last time they went on strike, I blew.

It was for 10 days, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was 10 days and that just that really dented uh the US economy, and that was before we had online uh buying, and that was before.

We had a lot of dependency.

That package service like UPS, FedEx, Amazon and all this delivery.

The the volume of that has skyrocketed a lot more stuff back then, was being moved through the official channels to like Walmarts and through other stores and goods we're getting to people through their distribution centers, which were their stores not getting delivered directly to their homes, which is what is now happening, and this this is just going to be, unlike anything, we've experienced before.

So what can you do? Well, one um! If, if you still have some Freedom seeds that you need to get for your boomsticks, you might want to go ahead and order those right now, there's probably some July 4th weekend deals out there.

I haven't looked myself I'm all stocked up because, like I said, I've been seeing this coming and I've been telling you guys this is coming.

But now is the crunch time.

If there's some things that you need to order that may need to come through UPS, you may need to order those right now doing that right now before the whole crunch will probably save you a whole bunch of grief.

When things slow down, will things start appearing? Will packages go off the rails? I, don't know? Well, certain shipments and packages get lost completely I, don't know, but do you want your packages to get lost in the mix? You probably don't so make those purchases now think ahead be prepared to not order anything offline for, however long it's going to take for them to to strike and then for them to get back up to working and operating again will they be able to strike for very long without the federal government getting involved? Without you know, chaos ensuing I think that pretty soon after they strike there's going to be a cry heard around the world that is going to bring it to a halt.

That would seem to be the case.

I don't see.

A long-term strike I still have hope that this will be averted beforehand, but the people on the street are saying no, the president of the uh of the Union uh Sean O'brien, says the largest single employer strike in U.S.

History now appears inevitable, and that's of course, are speaking about the UPS strike.

So we've got a number of weeks.

You have July, but of course you don't want to be ordering things right against the deadline so that your packages are caught in transit.

So now is a purchasing time.

If you can and then be prepared to not make some purchases for a while to keep some strain off the system, all right folks, if you guys have some further insights, please do don't don't hesitate to share thanks so much for watching this video.

If you want to check out another video from this channel, you can check it out right up here.

If you want to sign up for the newsletter, you can find that down in the description down below the Poplar report newsletter ad, and you can also check out the website thanks so much for watching Steve Poplar of the popular report out.

Biggest Strike In US About To Start | Friday Deadline (2024)


What was the largest labor strike in US history? ›

Largest worker strikes in United States history as of 2022, by number of workers striking
CharacteristicNumber of striking workers
The Great Southwest Railroad Strike (March - September 1886)200,000
UPS Workers Strike (August 1997)185,000
The Great Anthracite Coal Strike (May - October 1902)147,000
7 more rows
Mar 30, 2023

How much do Teamsters get paid on strike? ›

Teamsters would not receive their normal paychecks but would receive some money from the national Teamsters union, as well as their local union barns, potentially. Strike pay is equivalent to five times members' monthly dues amount with a minimum benefit of $150 per week, according to the Teamsters website.

What are UPS Teamsters asking for? ›

What the Teamsters are demanding. The Teamsters have said they want an agreement that "guarantees better pay for all workers, eliminates a two-tier wage system, increases full-time jobs, resolves safety and health concerns, and provides stronger protections against managerial harassment."

Why are UPS workers going on strike? ›

UPS workers are negotiating for better pay and the elimination of a two-tier wage system for part-time and full-time workers. Sean O'Brien, general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, spoke to “GMA3” about what's at stake. DEMARCO MORGAN: Sean, good to see you.

What was the biggest general strike? ›

The largest general strike that ever stopped the economy of an advanced industrial country—and the first general wildcat strike in history—was May 1968 in France.

What Teamsters get paid the most? ›

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Teamster Jobs in the U.S.
Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Teamster Truck Driver$78,373$6,531
Driver Teamster$78,373$6,531
Local Teamster$61,891$5,157
Union Teamster$42,876$3,573
1 more row

Has UPS ever gone on strike? ›

The last time UPS workers went on strike was 1997, that strike lasted 15 days, and cost $850 million.

Do unions pay employees during strikes? ›

Are Workers Paid While on Strike? When a worker chooses to go on strike, that person is not entitled to a normal paycheck from their employer. However, many unions will have a strike fund that will help striking employees meet their basic financial needs.

Are Teamsters pensions for life? ›

Today, a participant can retire at age 65 and receive a monthly pension benefit at 1.75% of their total contributions. A member retiring with a full pension at age 65 will get back all contributions and will receive a lifetime monthly benefit.

Do UPS Teamsters get a pension? ›

UPS Teamsters in the 11 states covered by the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund can retire with pensions of $5,000 or more after 30 years of service or less.

How do I quit Teamsters? ›

You may visit the Union Office, call, mail in your request or submit your request online. It is your responsibility to obtain a Withdrawal Card in a timely manner or you will be responsible for all the union fees that are due.

How much money will UPS lose if they strike? ›

Bloomberg estimated UPS could lose about $170m a day with the strike, based on its latest revenue reports. With the growth of online shopping during the pandemic, UPS has posted record profits over the last two years, with revenue in 2022 reaching $100bn for the first time in the company's history.

Is UPS losing business? ›

"Q1 2023 revenue of $22.9 billion (6% YoY decline) for UPS demonstrates that the economy is slowing and the company is seeing volume risk in 2023," Third Bridge analyst Anthony DeRuijter said.

Is it hard to get fired at UPS? ›

It is common knowledge that chances of getting fired from UPS warehouses are quite low. This is due, in part, to being protected by the Union and the fact that (some) UPS facilities are in dire need of employees. That being said terminations do happen at these facilities.

What was one of the largest and most violent labor disputes in US history? ›

One of the most notorious incidents of violence against management occurred in 1892 during the Homestead Strike—one of the most violent industrial disputes in American history—when Alexander Berkman attempted to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company and manager of the mill where the ...

What was the first major labor strike? ›

The first labor strike in recorded history took place in the 12th Century, BCE, in Egypt. The strike was recorded on papyrus, discovered in Egypt, and though it is damaged and incomplete, it is the only record of the strike in existence.

When were labor unions strongest in the US? ›

The Bottom Line

Union membership reached a peak in the 1940s and 1950s. After declining in recent decades, younger generations, the impact of the pandemic on workers, and a tight labor market are helping to boost union membership.

What was the first labor strike in the US? ›

1768: America's first labor strike

According to, the first recorded labor strike occurred in New York in 1768 when journeymen tailors refused to work in protest of wage reductions.

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