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Well, I need to give my cat up for adoption, the one who uses the doorbell or the one with the mexican hat or the one with the rain galoshes or the one that you let go around naked angela's cats are cute, so cute that you just want to eat them, but you can't eat cats.

You can't eat cats kevin, no, the one with the long hair and the denim pants comstock.

Okay, look he's such a special kitty.

I just want to find him a good home.

He loves those pants I'll.

Take him please, after the turtle.

I am enormously proud of what I did for that turtle.

Oscar oscar.

Will you take him? No, I'm a dog person.

If you pray enough, you can change yourself into a cat person.

Those guys always turn back angela.

So what do you need me to do? I wrote it out: there's a diabetes, shot, roll the insulin in your hands, don't shake it! She gets an ace inhibitor with her meal.

If you have to put her right in front of the dish or she won't see it because of the cataracts mix, one capsule of omega fatty acid in with her kidney medicine- and you want to give that to her 15 minutes after she's eaten and oh there's a fungal cream, because she has this infection under her tail, so you're going to have to lift her tail and put the cream right at the base of her tail hello.

(Video) Best of Angela's Cats - The Office US - #JusticeforSprinkles

Everyone, oh ice cream, nice kevin, looks good.

It yeah angela you're, more chipper than usual.

I am proud to announce that there is a new addition to the martin family, she's hypoallergenic.

She doesn't struggle when you try to dress her she's.

A third generation show cat.

Her father was in meet the parents.

Needless to say, she's, very, very expensive.

How much seven thousand dollars for a cat.

I could get you a kid for that.

Where'd! You get that kind of money.

I sold andy's engagement ring on ebay.

Wait, you didn't give it back.

He wouldn't have wanted that.

Her name is princess.

Lady, seven grand this is sprinkles.

She was my best friend.

I kept her going through countless ailments.

I asked dwight schrute to feed her once and she is now deceased.

This is halloween last year, just a couple of kittens out on the town, how you feeling vitter, no well you're the cutest button worked up quite a sweat.

The bed is removing all of sprinkles organs right now and sending them to the lab.

I am a farmer angela.

What does that mean? Okay, when a farmer sees an animal that is in pain that has no quality of life that has no utility a farmer.

Does what city folk don't have the stomach to do? You didn't kill her.

I I sang her her favorite songs, you put her in my freezer.

(Video) Dwight Kills Angela's Cat - The Office US

It was beautiful and gentle and respectful.

I fed her antihistamines and she gradually fell asleep.

Well then she barfed them up in the freezer and tried to get out.

Well, I'm not responsible for that.

Hey ow, it's okay! Nothing! I'm robbing her! It's nothing! It's fine! What you have your cats on nanny, cam yeah! I mean I usually try to take leave when I get a new cat, but I'm out of vacation days and this company still doesn't recognize cat maternity.

I mean somebody has a kid, oh sure, take off a year, she's right.

I have my second kid just for the vacation right anyways.

I just want to make sure princess.

Lady is acclimating.

Well, she means more to me than anyone any cat you mean and person.

Could you do that without telling me? I thought I was helping you, I expected a hug.

I took care of that cat the best way.

I knew how cat heaven is a beautiful place, but you don't get there if you're euthanized, I know a great taxidermist I'll pay to have her stuffed.

Well, he's not great, but he's pretty good.

You don't understand, take back bite seriously, don't get bit or we can have her buried out at the east field by mother huh.

Angela touch me dwight attention.

Everyone comstock is still available.

Oscar has been flirting with adopting him, but still hasn't.

Given me a definite yes or no, definitely, no fine for any interested candidates.

I will be conducting 20-minute interviews.

My ideal situation would be an independently wealthy cute couple with a strong commitment to education, black or white, I'm fine with either, but not both, listen you're in this, but you need to wow me, okay, what do you want to give you this? Oh, what is that it's a feral barn cat.

I trapped him last night and I'm giving him to you as a replacement cat for the one I destroyed.

Her name was sprinkles and his name is garbage.

Mose calls him garbage because he likes to eat garbage.

(Video) The Best of Angela - The Office US

Don't you garbage? Ah, I can't believe you just thought you could replace sprinkles before she's, even in the ground, you haven't buried her yet don't rush me.

I'm grieving garbage can be very helpful.

Okay he's a useful cat.

He killed an entire family of raccoons.

Look at him.

I don't want garbage.

I want sprinkles, but not in your bed.

It's lumpy, those lumps are cats and those cats have names and those names are ember milky way.

Diane and lumpy.

It could be snacks.

So why would we not what I think it is good god that one ugly cat is humping princess? Lady, no awesome, stop it, mr ash, bad cat.

That is very bad.

You stop it right.

Now I swear he is fixed.

I know fixed that ain't fixed no way.

No! Now listen! You can't let what you see here sully your image of them.

They are good decent cats.

I gotta go I'll, be back in an hour.

Oh stop that, oh, the other one's watching procedural procedures to cover the mouth, a what a rag a damp rag.

Perhaps, let's remember those procedures.

What are the options? That's the wrong way.

We've already tried that remember your exit points, exit points, people what's next um stay alive, I'm getting help, pull me up, you're too heavy.

I only weigh 82 pounds save it.

Why do you want this cat um? I don't want it really.

(Video) The Downfall of Angela Martin | The Office US | Comedy Bites

How would you support the cat? What are your ambitions? I want to start my own business.

I want to be a millionaire lots of things.

Travel make the world a better place or an mba at night.

Have you taken any concrete steps? Well, I'm still just fitting in here.

You know getting used to the new job, but definitely on the agenda.

But that is a good idea.

Angela, I should make a list.

Where is that bad cat? Oh you know who you are.

Excuse me petal, I'm looking for mr ash he's a bad cat, bad bad cat.

You hear me you're bad.

No, this is getting weird.

Is she cleaning the cat with her tongue? Oh, why are you getting rid of it? Allergies, your husband? No, the baby, please it's! My husband's favorite cat he's broken up about it.

It's the only time I've seen him cry other than our wedding night.

You know what I will take comstock.

Really, oh oscar! Thank you I'll, come by after work and pick him up yay, oh poor robert.

He won't get to say goodbye.

He has this business dinner tonight.

Oh celebi me.

Oh I'm! Fine, I mean sure times are leaner.

Now that I'm separated from the senator, but my new studio apartment is just fine for me and phillip and tinky and crinkle puss and bandit 2 and pollock baggins and lady aragorn and their tin kittens come here.

I had a chance with dwight, but I didn't take it and if I went back now when I'm broke and he just inherited a farm, I'd be one of those gold-digging tramps.

You read about that tried to bag.

A farmer.


What is Angela's personality in The Office? ›

Angela is established as a strict and stubborn office worker, and she is something of a perfectionist. She appears to be a prime example of an authoritarian personality. She is also in charge of the Party Planning Committee and is often at odds with Phyllis Vance.

Which one of Angela's cats dies in this episode? ›

However, when Angela returns from the hospital visit, Dwight informs her that Sprinkles has died as was placed in the freezer to mitigate the odor. Most of Angela's coworkers seem indifferent to her many cats, including Sprinkles. Some are even shown to call Sprinkles by the wrong name.

What is Angela's favorite cat? ›

Angela has 12 cats over the course of the series, her favorites being Sprinkles (who is killed by Dwight Schrute in "Fun Run"), Princess Lady, and Garbage whom she accepted as a gift from Andy Bernard when he found it in the warehouse.

What are the names of Angela's cats in The Office? ›

Angela Martin : Those lumps are cats, and those cats have names. And those names are Amber, Milky Way, Diane, and Lumpy.

What personality type is Angela Hayes? ›

Angela Hayes is an ESFP personality type. She is warm, and friendly and loves being the center of attention. As an ESFP, she is the life and soul of the party. Putting on a show comes naturally to people of the ESFP personality type.

Who killed Angela's cat? ›

Angela entrusts Sprinkles into Dwight's care while she's away only to find out when she gets back that Sprinkles has died. Although he tries to hide it, Dwight admits to killing Sprinkles with a lethal dose of poison and putting the cat into the freezer while still alive thinking it a kindness.

Does Angela keep garbage the cat? ›

After upsetting Angela by euthanizing Sprinkles, Dwight traps Garbage and offers him to her as a gift in an attempt to win her favor again. When Angela declines the offer, Dwight releases the cat into a Vance Refrigeration office.

What cat did Angela throw in the ceiling? ›

Oscar jumps up on his desk and climbs up into the drop ceiling and Angela pulls out a cat from her file cabinet and says, “Save Bandit!” And she throws Bandit up to Oscar, who doesn't want anything to do with Bandit. And then moments later the cat crumbles through a panel of the drop ceiling and falls back down.

How old is Angela the cat? ›

She is 18 years old, according to Talking Angela and Tom Loves Angela. Her birthday is February 2nd, also according to her app. Angela's voice actress, Lisa Schwartz, also voices the waitress Rhonda that works from Jerry's, The Ghost, and Ginger's classmate Tonya.

Does Angela Kinsey like cats? ›

Cats are wonderful companions and I've always had cats around—I think I always will.” Kinsey, who shares her Los Angeles home with her husband, actor Joshua Synder, three kids, and two Chihuahua mixes, fully accepts that her two cats, Oreo and Snickers rule the house.

Who loves cats in The Office? ›

Angela Kinsey might be most known for playing cat-loving Angela Martin on “The Office,” and turns out, she is a pet lover in real life, too.

What is the name of Angela's cat that Dwight killed? ›

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) are dating, while Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) is mad at Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) for killing her cat Sprinkles.

What did Dwight call Angela? ›

When fear takes over.

Who does Angela end up with? ›

In the penultimate episode "A.A.R.M.", Dwight realizes that he loves Angela and proposes to her. She accepts and reveals that the DNA results were faked, and Philip is his son after all. In the "Finale", the two are married following Schrute family tradition.

What is Pam's personality in the office? ›

Pam begins the series as the receptionist at the paper distribution company Dunder Mifflin. She later becomes a saleswoman and, eventually, the office administrator, until she leaves in the series finale. Her character is at first shy and unsure but grows increasingly assertive as the series progresses.

What is Pam's personality type? ›

Pam Beasley: ISFJ (The Protector)

This is most apparent in her relationship with Jim. Although generally unenthusiastic about her job, her cheerful demeanor makes up for it. ISFJs generally prefer the comfort of routine, but Pam steps out of her comfort zone when she goes to art school.

What is Dwight's personality? ›

Dwight craves authority over his co-workers, and relishes any minor task that Michael or anyone else will give him. [3] Although Dwight acts superior to many individuals and is often resourceful in crises, he is shown to actually be quite gullible, ignorant, and naïve.

What is Pam's personality? ›

Pam is a people-oriented introvert which is in fitting with her ISFJ personality type. She is nurturing and selfless, always considering other people's needs. As an ISFJ, she values meaningful connections and she is deeply loyal. Typically, ISFJs value harmony and avoid conflict, which appears to be the case with Pam.


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