Anna Maria Island prepares for Hurricane Ian - AMI Sun (2024)

SEPT. 29, 10:20 A.M. UPDATE: Holmes Beach police have announced that Anna Maria Island is back open for residents.

SEPT. 29, 10 A.M. UPDATE: Manatee County evacuation orders have been lifted and shelters are closing this morning. Utility crews are assessing system damage. Anna Maria Island is still closed to residents with drivers being turned around at the base of the Anna Maria and Cortez bridges while first responders and work crews assess the state of the Island. Residents can access Flamingo Cay and Perico Island on Manatee Avenue. Anyone out driving is asked to be cautious of downed or sagging powerlines, storm debris and standing water.

SEPT. 28, 5 P.M. UPDATE: Manatee County officials have asked that residents who still have water limit what goes down their drains. With lift stations losing power and water treatment facilities at capacity, along with potable water breaks reported, residents are asked to limit toilet flushing, showering, doing dishes and doing laundry.

Hurricane Ian made landfall around 3:10 p.m. near the Captiva Islands and Sanibel as a Category 4 storm. Manatee County is under a flash flood warning until 7 p.m., an extreme wind warning until 6 p.m. and an ongoing storm surge warning for coastal low-lying areas.

SEPT. 28, 10 A.M. UPDATE: Power outages are expected to occur in our area over the next several hours. Hurricane Ian has been upgraded to a Category 4 storm and our area is already experiencing high winds and rain. The storm is expected to make landfall to our south late morning or early afternoon today. The Sun will post updates here and on our Facebook page as we’re able due to internet and power outages. Everyone, stay inside, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side.

SEPT. 27, 5 P.M. UPDATE: The National Hurricane Center’s latest update is showing that Hurricane Ian is expected to come onshore near Port Charlotte early Wednesday afternoon as a possible major hurricane. If the storm follows the current track, it’s anticipated that it will approach the Manatee County area early Thursday, Sept. 29 around 2 a.m., potentially as a Category 1 storm.

The peak storm surge warning for Anna Maria Island and Cortez has been lowered to an estimated maximum of 4-6 feet. The estimated storm surge for Anna Maria Island and Cortez has been reduced to 1-3 feet above ground level.

Manatee County officials announced that water and sewage lift stations on Anna Maria Island will be turned off at 6 p.m. today, Sept. 27. Water and sewage services will not be restored until after the storm threat has passed. County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes warned residents that sewage lift stations, needed to operate toilets, will not work if electricity is out.

Westbound traffic on Manatee Avenue and Cortez Road to Anna Maria Island from the mainland became restricted at 4 p.m. today and will be closed by 8 p.m. this evening. Traffic lanes will not reopen to the Island until local law enforcement and first responders determine that it’s safe for residents to return.

SEPT. 27, 11 A.M. UPDATE: Manatee County has issued mandatory evacuation notices for zones A and B with a voluntary evacuation notice in place for zone C. If you’re unsure of your evacuation level, visit the county website for more information.

County officials advise that all residents should be sheltered where they plan to ride out the storm as of 8 p.m. tonight when some of the first effects of Hurricane Ian are expected to be felt in the area. All county shelters are now open. A list of shelters in the area can be found here.

All pet owners are advised to bring their pets inside for the duration of the storm. Manatee County Animal Services will close today and not reopen until safe to do so after Hurricane Ian has passed.

All of Manatee County, including Anna Maria Island, is under a flash flood warning beginning Sept. 28 and continuing through Friday, Sept. 30.

Anna Maria Island, Cortez, Perico Island, Flamingo Cay and parts of coastal unincorporated Manatee County are under a storm surge warning. While most areas can expect storm surge of over 3 feet, some areas of the Island, including in Anna Maria and Holmes Beach, can expect storm surge of over 6 feet during high tide. The National Hurricane Center’s storm surge flood map is consistently being updated online as the storm’s track is updated. Peak storm surge along coastal Manatee County is expected to be between 5-9 feet.

City commission regular and work session meetings in Holmes Beach scheduled for today at 5 p.m. have been canceled. Commissioners will go forward with a final budget hearing and emergency special meeting at 5:01 p.m. today via Zoom. The public is invited to participate online or by telephone.

SEPT. 26, 5 P.M. UPDATE: Manatee County is now under a hurricane warning from the National Weather Service. Anna Maria Island and surrounding low-lying areas in Manatee County also are under a storm surge warning. The storm surge warning is in effect until Friday, Sept. 30 and states that the Island could see waters rise 3 feet or more above sea level. Peak storm surges could exceed 10 feet in some areas if Hurricane Ian arrives in the area at high tide.

SEPT. 26, 2 P.M. UPDATE: Closures have been announced for Manatee County.

Manatee County schools are closed for students and staff beginning tomorrow. Schools will be closed until the threat of Hurricane Ian has passed.

The Center of Anna Maria Island and all Manatee County Libraries will close at end of business today, reopening after the storm threat has passed. The Anna Maria City Pier will close at noon Sept. 27 and remain closed until further notice.

There will be no trash, recycling or yard waste collection on Wednesday until after the storm threat passes. Due to evacuation notices for Anna Maria Island, collection services may end early on Tuesday.

All Manatee County facilities and buildings will close to the public at close of business today with the exception of the county administration building which is scheduled to close to the public after a scheduled county commission meeting the morning of Sept. 27.

Shelters in Manatee County will open tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Manatee County officials ask that no one go to a shelter prior to the 8 a.m. opening on Sept. 27. A list of shelters is available online. Everyone going to a shelter needs to bring their own cot or sleeping bag and personal items.

Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells has announced that emergency services will be very limited once winds hit a sustained 45 mph. He advises that officers will do their best to respond but may not be able to get to all areas of the county while the effects of Hurricane Ian are being felt in the area. Emergency services in Manatee County, including EMS, fire response and law enforcement will all be limited during the storm event.

Storm surges, high winds and heavy rain are expected to begin as early as 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27 and continue through early morning Friday, Sept. 30. A mandatory evacuation is effective beginning at 8 a.m. Sept. 27 for zone A, which includes Anna Maria Island, and a voluntary evacuation for zone B. Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes recommends that everyone be where they intend to ride out Hurricane Ian by tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Hurricane Ian is predicted to have a high probability of spinning off tornadoes.

Anna Maria Island will be closed down at sundown tomorrow afternoon, Sept. 27. Water utility services will be shut off one hour after sundown tomorrow afternoon and Hopes said service will not be restored until it can be safely determined that the system has not sustained any significant damage.

SEPT. 26, 12:10 A.M. UPDATE: A mandatory evacuation of zone A, including Anna Maria Island, Perico Island, Cortez and parts of unincorporated Manatee County, has been issued by Manatee County effective at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Evacuation of zone B is advised but not mandatory.

ANNA MARIA ISLAND – Residents and city leaders in the three Island cities are preparing for potential impacts this week from Hurricane Ian as the storm is projected to pass by to the west in the Gulf of Mexico as a major hurricane.

As of the National Weather Service’s Sept. 26 11 a.m. briefing, the Tampa Bay area, including Manatee County, is under a hurricane watch with the storm expected to rapidly intensify. Hurricane Ian is currently expected to pass by the area as a category 2 or 3 storm. Early forecasts predict 7-10 inches of rain in our area and storm surges of 5-8 feet. Impacts from Hurricane Ian are expected to begin in Manatee County as early as Wednesday evening and continue through Thursday, Sept. 29.

Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer and Mayor Judy tit*worth said the Island is anticipated to be under a mandatory evacuation by 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27. While residents will not be forced to leave, it is important to note that emergency services, including police, fire response and EMS, will not be available during a storm. West Manatee Fire Rescue personnel will be required to leave the Island once sustained winds exceed 45 mph.

Anna Maria

A state of emergency has been declared by city officials. Residents are advised to prepare for impending impacts from Hurricane Ian. A sandbagging station has been set up for residents at Bayfront Park, however, supplies of sandbags and sand are limited. Reentry tags are available for residents at city hall with proof of residency.

Bradenton Beach

City officials declared a state of emergency during an 11 a.m. meeting this morning. Manatee County staff have delivered pre-filled sandbags to Coquina Beach for residents over the weekend but those supplies have quickly been depleted. Reentry tags for residents are available at the Bradenton Beach Police Department with proof of residency.

Holmes Beach

tit*worth declared a local state of emergency for the city early Monday morning. Sand and sandbags are available as supplies are replenished at the Manatee Beach and by the pickleball courts at city field. Reentry tags are available for residents with one tag being issued per residence at the Holmes Beach Police Department.

The Holmes Beach Code Compliance Special Magistrate hearing scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 27 has been canceled. The city commission meeting and work session scheduled to follow the budget hearing at 5:01 p.m. on Sept. 27 have been canceled. tit*worth said she anticipates that the budget hearing also will be canceled due to the mandatory evacuation.

The Sun will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

Anna Maria Island prepares for Hurricane Ian - AMI Sun (2024)
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